Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Bringing CRM to the EMEA region

A leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company.

Ian’s role
Ian was a member of the global IT organisation with a focus on marketing and eCommerce in the EMEA region. As IT Business Partner, Ian was responsible for identifying opportunities to bring global capability into the EMEA region. Ian was also key to building the strategy and engagement model to ensure it happened.

What was needed
The client had a corporate goal to introduce a world class CRM solution into the EMEA region. Following extensive due diligence, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) was selected. Experience of implementing this technology in other regions provided strong evidence to support this recommendation. The objective was to make it happen.

The challenge
In previous years, some engagement had happened with local markets in EMEA. This was unsuccessful for a number of reasons. There was a belief that SFMC was too expensive, too complex and couldn’t provide the on the ground support the markets wanted, and believed local vendors could.

The answer
To address this global versus regional challenge, Ian instigated the following;

  • Daily standups with the global CRM team where he tracked progress, challenges, opportunities and took actions which were reviewed regularly to capture, address and overcome the challenges identified
  • Definition of a regional engagement model based on a ‘land and expand’ strategy, including stakeholder mapping and vendor analysis. This allowed specific tactics to be created to address numerous challenges and objections
  • Canvassing of the global leadership team to find innovative ways to overcome the cost differential between SFMC and local vendors – making SFMC viable for markets with smaller budgets
  • Built a value proposition to provide evidence of the additional value and benefits of SFMC versus local vendors from a roadmap and functionality perspective
  • Engagement with regional marketing influencers to create a holistic, joined up and consistent approach to winning over the marketing teams. 

The results
At this time, 3 SFMC implementations have started in EMEA – directly as a result of the work and strategy Ian defined and delivered.