IGG Marketing has been providing marketing consulting and mentoring to RemitRix as they look to enter the UK market with their Solvency II Risk Management Machine Learning solution.

About RemitRix
RemitRix provides insurers with Risk Management and Actuarial model solutions, driven by leading edge Machine Learning and AI capabilities.

RemitRix is a SaaS cloud-based platform, harnessing the power of advanced Machine Learning algorithms. This allows clients to recalculate different risk factors and optimise the overall SCR (Solvency Capital Requirement) costs.

The platform enables;
Portfolio managers to balance risk against performance
Risk managers to better manage their risk map and
Actuaries to improve their internal models and to optimise solvency capital requirement.

RemitRix solutions comply with Solvency II’s rigorous provisions, providing optimisation tools under different financial and insurance scenarios.

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