Logica – Sustainability campaign – ‘Sustainability to 2020 and Beyond’

Current Context
The news is currently running stories on China’s recycling ban – they’re no longer importing 24 kinds of solid waste – which is hitting the UK who now need to find a ‘Plan B’. With sustainability and ethical business still high on corporate agendas…it reminded me of a campaign I ran – on ‘Sustainability – to 2020 and Beyond’.

The campaign was run in 2010. Lots of the issues raised by the campaign are still relevant today – from the use of fossil fuels (this was before ‘fracking’ was even on the agenda), investment in renewables, climate change and of course pollution – one only had to watch the incredible BBC’s Blue Planet 2 – to see how much of in impact we have on our planet – so I thought I’d revisit the leading edge, thought leadership driven campaign as a case study.

Logica was a global IT business with around 39,000 professionals in locations across 34 countries. Logica provided business consulting, systems integration and IT and business process services. It’s client base covered both public and commercial sector organisations.

Ian’s role
As Head of Campaigns in the UK, Ian was responsible for managing a team of campaign managers. Ian was also tasked with building his own integrated marketing campaigns to support the growth targets of the UK business.

What was needed
There was lots of noise about the environment and sustainable business. Public sector clients were beginning to ask how ‘green’ their suppliers were. Logica had a strong story to tell – having rationalised its office portfolio in London to fit the workforce using it. Logica also had a number of environmental solutions to help clients monitor and report on their environmental and sustainability performance and credentials.

With these 3 forces in play, it was the right time to promote Logica. Ian was responsible for building an integrated marketing campaign. It’s goal was to raise awareness of sustainability and its impacts on companies, but also to create thought leadership and opportunities for the sales team to promote Logica’s capability.

The challenge
Such a hot topic brought intense competition. There were major competitors with deep pockets, investing in building their own profiles. Though solutions and expertise were available, Logica didn’t have the market awareness at the time to leverage this. The challenge was therefore to build a ground-breaking campaign, be smarter and more agile than its competitors and to a tight budget.

The answer
Ian set to work with the Logica sustainability lead to build an integrated marketing programme. The key objectives were to:

  • Generate leads for the Logica sales and account management teams
  • Increase Logica’s brand awareness in relation to sustainability
  • Improve the company’s evaluation ratings in public sector procurement opportunities
  • Demonstrate thought leadership by telling the story of what ‘sustainable business’ would be like in 2020…and beyond
  • Leverage Logica’s own story, as well as build an ecosystem of contributors and other thought leaders / campaigners, and by association amplify Logica’s voice and credibility.

An integrated campaign was built culminating in a client event. The contributors included leading industry figures such as Jonathan Porritt from Forum for the Future, clients, eco-system partners and academia. The campaign also utilised at its core, digital marketing, social media, primary research, public relations and analyst engagement.

The results
Cross sector client event with keynote speakers from clients including Sainsbury’s, Vodafone, the Ministry of Defence. Also presenting were technology partners, academics and analysts – the event was attended by over 60 clients and prospects

  • Research paper discussing the ‘True cost of Sustainability’ which was used for PR, analyst and client engagement
  • ‘Talking Head’ videos of event attendees which were used to promote the key thoughts and insights on web, social media and at future events
  • Significant social media coverage from event teasers to live blogging and tweeting on the day
  • A credible, integrated thought leadership story to support multiple ‘sustainability’ propositions under a single banner
  • Strong internal communications to support Logica’s credibility and promote this to staff
  • Sales enablement tool to help assess likely ‘Winners and Losers’ in sustainability
  • 15 leads generated of which 5 were converted. This amounted at the time, to one of Logica’s most successful thought-leadership driven campaigns in terms of RoI.