Internet of Things (IoT) – thought leadership and social media programme

A leading independent IT services provider.

Ian’s role
Ian was part of the digital transformation marketing team and worked with the global and UK IoT team. Ian developed and delivered an integrated programme which was awarded ‘Best UK Marketing Campaign’ by the client. It was imperative that this programme used a mix of traditional and digital channels – to reflect the transformative nature of IoT.

What was needed
The key requirement was clear. Within the team, there was fantastic knowledge, experience, insight and ideas on how IoT would become a reality. This needed to be converted into a compelling, thought provoking and engaging programme of marketing content. It was also essential that an editorial process was established to ensure regular articles, stories and use cases could be shared with the marketplace.

The challenge
Blogging and social media were seen by some in the company as being additional work on top of their busy day jobs. It was also something many of the team hadn’t done before. The ideas were there…it was how to get them written down to use.

The answer
As part of the integrated campaign, a workshop was held to explore the broad areas of interest and expertise. These were then pulled into an editorial plan. This plan identified key topics, and the owners of each. Training was provided to get the team comfortable with social media channels.

Editorial support was also provided as blog ideas were discussed, validated and where appropriate, expanded to cover other ideas. Where a few bullets existed or time was short, Ian wrote the blog, and the team member only had to comment and agree it. Blogs were published on LinkedIn and the company web site (as well as some media partner sites) and supported by a comprehensive set of social media posts. Blogs and the social media plans were also shared with eco-system partners to amplify the noise using their social media reach.

A monthly report was created and shared internally with the leadership team. As more blogs were published, a league table emerged of the most read blogs which provided intense competition within the team to get to the top. It also helped focus the editorial direction towards the more popular topics. To share the workload Ian also created a series of blogs covering the impact on marketing of IoT.

The results
A total of 29 blogs were created in just over a year

  • 6 bloggers were actively engaged and contributed to the programme
  • Extensive Twitter and LinkedIn campaign with shares and support from a number of eco-system partners and clients
  • 3 of the top 10 and 7 of the top 20 blogs were IoT related.