‘The Future of Work’ thought leadership creation

The company
A leading IT services company.

Ian’s role
Ian was part of the digital transformation marketing team and worked with the digital employee experience team on developing the story, solutions, content and assets which underpinned the company’s expertise and experience in this area.

What was needed
Evidence derived through a thorough review of the external market, competitors, clients and internal teams, both technical and client facing, identified the need to build and manage a powerful thought leadership programme. Engaging the digital employee experience team, many of whom were on client site, as well as leveraging expertise of other marketing and comms colleagues required a flexible approach to create the right content to support the go to market strategy.

%name %titleThe challenge
The challenge Ian was set was to define a virtual thought leadership creation programme, based on the ‘Future of Work’ theme, within this environment. As most of the team were on billable work, it was essential to define, deliver, manage and communicate as effectively and concisely as possible – to capture knowledge in a structured, quick, easy to access and easy to share way.

As the Future of Work encompassed many different streams and directions, from emerging technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to the Gig Economy and how organisations would need to evolve their structures to meet future ways of working, it was essential that these strands were covered but also were clearly in a way that supported the overall ‘Future of Work’ narrative.

The answer
The company had a relationship with an independent company called Pentacle who had an online, virtual working environment called QUBE – available 24 x 7 – anywhere in the world. Ian took the lead in managing the programme within QUBE, facilitating brainstorms, prioritising themes, agreeing roles and responsibilities and defining workflows and deadlines. Ian also provided support and coaching on editorial content and blog creation support.

The results
The programme;

  • Identified the building blocks and strands and ownership
  • Provided ‘breakout rooms’ in QUBE where information, ideas, research on these strands and the overall theme could be left for others to view and comment on when they were available to, not around specific days and times
  • Allowed crowdsourcing and critiquing of content by non-core team members with other ideas and expertise
  • Created 1 hour virtual workshops, which I facilitated to prioritise the areas and to draw strands together to support the umbrella theme – delivering key messages and thought leadership ideas for the Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to build out
  • Allowed communication to the leadership team in the UK and globally about the ‘Future of Work’ and what capability the company had to meet those challenges for our clients
  • Led into a series of blogs, assets and material to engage the market, clients, analysts and key stakeholders
  • Over the 6 months the programme was running, the team only met once face to face – everything else was managed and communicated in the virtual world.