Dell virtual desktop campaign

A leading independent IT company.

Ian’s role
During his time with the client, much of Ian’s role was influencing key stakeholders. These included subject matter experts, leaders in both the UK and internationally, clients, other marketers, sales and account managers. Technical and delivery teams were also part of the ecosystem Ian worked with. This often involved conflicting viewpoints and definitions of what success looked like to different groups. Ian’s role was to manage this community to deliver the right outcome for the company.

What was needed
When the client decided to bring its virtual desktop partnership with Dell to the UK…it was clear that the global messaging, positioning and approach needed to change. The core requirement was to localise it for the UK market and to align with other complementary UK initiatives.

The challenge
Ian engaged with all the key stakeholders to understand the solution and its business drivers, and it was clear the global positioning and messaging was aimed at a more technical buyer.

Reviewing desk research, analyst reports and based on feedback from the business community, it was clear that in the UK market, the key drivers were security and availability but also an excellent employee experience.

The answer
Ian created a story around onboarding new employees. It highlighted the benefits from a recruitment and HR perspective of a great experience and the potential damage to employee relations of a poor one. Many elements were covered such as productivity, employee perception of the brand and their initial experience of it. Using a collaborative, evidence-based approach, all key areas were included.

The results
Ian successfully defined a new go to market strategy for the UK and in doing so brought a number of differing views behind a coherent story they could all relate to. A focus on HR directors opened up a new target audience for the client.