%name %titleIan has been a member of Southend on Sea Athletic Club since 2002. Ian took up a coaching role in August 2006, successfully qualifying as a UK Athletics Level 2 performance coach in August 2009. Ian has been lead endurance coach to the road running group since then.


Over this time, Ian has helped coach, mentor and develop training programmes for over 200 athletes of all abilities. Ian developed a ‘couch – 5k’ beginners group programme and regularly creates the squad training schedule. Ian has also developed focussed individual athlete programmes to help then achieve specific performance goals.

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Over his career, Ian has also mentored a number of marketing professionals, built and managed teams and provided support for colleagues undertaking professional qualifications.

Ian strongly believes that skills and techniques developed and honed from coaching athletes and developing colleagues are transferable and symbiotic.

Here are a few quotes from athletes Ian has worked with!

Ana Ockendon – UKA Assessor & England Athletics Coaching Tutor – I have worked alongside Ian for over 10 years. As Head Coach at Southend-on-Sea Athletic club, Ian’s responsibilities were to design running programmes for his athletes which were focused on the running seasons; these sessions provided variety and adaptations to accommodate every athlete’s needs.

Although the club sessions lasted 1 hour a couple of times per week, Ian would also look after the welfare of the runners outside these sessions to help the athlete towards achieving their goals, which could range from completing their first 5k to running ultra-distances.

Ian’s role did not just stop at coaching, he also helped develop other coaches to obtain their qualification and would facilitate regular meetings to enable all coaches to review and revise programmes to continually improve them. His easy going personality has always made him very approachable; his calm manner has helped all athletes with nerves before races, iron out doubts about their own potential and at times provided much needed advice and confidence.

Sally Newman-Russell – I have known Ian for 5 years through running and coaching. Over this time his coaching and support to me as a runner has been invaluable. He works hard with the running group and engages with everyone during training, helps with personal plans and goals as well as supporting and guiding us through injury and recovery. His support and guidance through my progression from a beginner runner to a running coach was outstanding and now we work as a like minded and strong coaching team while still working on our personal goals. His example to me has benefitted my coaching technique and developed my own confidence to coach experienced and beginner runners.

He adapts his style to the requirements of each individual and always sets a strong example of good practice. He is a great asset to me personally as well as in running and reflects this with everyone else in our running environment.

Ty Farrer – At 40 years of age, I was very nervous about joining a running club and expanding something that was very personal to me, into a “group” environment and accepting feedback that maybe I was doing everything wrong and would need to start again!

I needn’t have worried – Ian was not only very relaxed and engaging, it was also very clear that he had a very positive outlook. Ian could instantly make you feel at ease but could also quickly identify what opportunities existed and how to quickly realise them. 

As a member of Ian’s running group, my athletic ability quickly improved and the support and often, enforced rest periods – which ultimately prevented injury – ensured I progressed steadily. This has all benefited me no end.

Despite moving to Cambridge in 2014, I continued to travel back to Southend to train with Ian’s group until this was not possible due to family and work commitments. But through all this and beyond, Ian has kept in touch and always had encouraging and inspiring comments, offering advice and support. If it was not for Ian’s ability as a coach I may have continued running on my own, rather than exploring the big wide world – I would then not have earned my first England vest – aged 44, running my first sub 2:40 Marathon all with a smile on my face!

Stephen Solomon FCSI – I have known Ian for over four years. Ian has become a dedicated and committed coach at Southend Athletics Club. He is Professional, reliable, enthusiastic and encouraging to everyone in the training sessions that he manages. He takes a genuine interest in helping each runner achieve their personal goals and avoiding injury!

Kasia Kostryka-Allchorne – In the five years I have known Ian, he’s always been very professional, knowledgeable and encouraging. Ian’s expertise as a coach has been invaluable for progressing with my training. He was also very supportive during my time off due to an injury. Ian is a very dedicated and highly valued member of our local running community, who over the years has helped many runners to achieve their best.

Sarah Helen Barnicoat – Ian is my running coach. He created a beginners group to share his passion for running. I was a nervous, shy middle aged lady who turned up not knowing what to expect. The group soon bonded, we had fun as well as trained hard. The sessions were varied and we were challenged in a supportive and positive way. He has motivated and encouraged me not only to meet my goal but to exceed and aim further. I ran my first 10k race 4 months after I started and raised money for our local hospice. I amazed myself! He continues to run these sessions and I continue to run with the club. It keeps me fit, reduces my stress and I’ve made some lovely friends in the process. He volunteers his time and energy to share his passion and encourage others. He has a had a positive impact on so many people’s lives and I hope he realises the difference he has made. Thank you Ian.

Mathew Gillard – Southend AC Road Race Secretary & 10k Race Director – I have know Ian for over 10 years as fellow members of Southend AC and I have always found him to be honest and trustworthy. As a qualified running coach, Ian has invested a considerable amount of his own time over the years, leaving no stone unturned, when planning and delivering running schedules for the benefit of others.  His knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none and our club are extremely fortunate to have someone with such dedication and commitment.  Ian will often be seen going the extra mile (excuse the pun), when coaching others, especially when helping and encouraging any beginners.

Sue Crompton – Ian has been my coach at Southend Athletic Club for over 10 years. He brings a level of professionalism to the job of Coach, even though he is a volunteer, second to none. He is knowledgeable about running, keeping up to date with current coaching techniques as well as keeping up to date with policies and procedures that need to be adhered to. He is always willing to give advice to help any member of the club and last year he organised a separate session for those of us returning from injury so that we could get back into running safely and effectively.

Jennifer Stock CIPD – I first met Ian 15 years ago when working at Logica (now CGI). Ian has coached and mentored me both personally and professionally over the whole of this time. Ian is one of the best coaches I know, always focused on my growth and helping me achieve my goals and success. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ian for coaching or mentoring roles if you want to achieve business or personal success!