Award-winning Internet of Things (IoT) integrated marketing campaign

A leading independent IT services provider.

Ian’s role
Ian was part of the digital transformation marketing team and worked with the global and UK IoT team. Ian provided marketing strategy, campaign development and delivery support, and instigated a comprehensive and innovative thought leadership programme. Ian was also responsible for building relationships and leveraging marketing support from other organisations in the IoT ecosystem.

Ian was presented with an award by the client for the ‘Best UK Marketing Campaign’ for his work.

What was needed
IoT was dominating the headlines and creating a huge buzz. Analysts, journalists and clients were keen to understand what IoT was, and what opportunities it would create – in a digitally transforming world. With so much hype, it was clear some clarity was needed in the marketplace.

The challenge
Amidst all the noise in the marketplace, much of it from companies with significant reach and budget, it was clear that a sane, credible and authoritative voice was needed. It was also evident from working with the team, that IoT’s success would be built on forging a strong eco-system of like-minded companies, bringing their own skills to provide a holistic solution.

The answer%name %title
The answer was to build an integrated marketing campaign. Collaboration with eco-system partners and clients was essential to provide real IoT project examples to cut through the hype. Clear, concise messaging was key. A mix of traditional activity such as events and sponsorship, supported by digital and social channels was essential. The overall goal was to build brand awareness, educate the market, create leads and deliver exemplar thought leadership.

The results

  • Integrated through the line campaign working closely with eco-system partners
  • Extensive desk research and analysis to define key messaging, understand competitor capability and client and prospect perception of IoT
  • Ground – breaking predictive maintenance project – with a leading elevator manufacturer – including extensive PR and analyst engagement
  • Social media and thought leadership – including blogs –
  • Brand awareness sponsorship and education programme with a number of leading technology supplements including the Sunday Telegraph –
  • Partner marketing – including client events, trade shows and exhibition attendance and round tables
  • Industry-based events and messaging – creating a sector specific IoT story based on relevant use-cases and projects. This covered both private and public sector organisations
  • Media and analyst relations – with a number re-coined one of the campaign key messages for IoT projects – ‘start small but start’ – to counter the view that IoT projects required major investments
  • Significant web and digital content creation
  • Creation of an IoT for Dummies book –
  • Deal and client-based marketing to support major opportunities with both existing and prospective clients.